Nationwide Shipping

Our process is fairly simple. Due to a fair amount of nation-wide interest in our vehicles, we have taken the liberty of explaining our process. Many of our customers have asked us if we ship cars nationally, or if they have the ability to request a test-drive in a different state. This page is designed to be a one-size fits all explanation of our process and more.

Step 1 - Find Your Car

Step 2 - Purchase It

Step 3 - Get It Delivered

Nationwide Shipping FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How much will transporting my car cost?
A: Scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll see two calculators. One that calculates the distance from us to you, and one that calculates the cost. Take the distance from us to you, and multiply it times the price-per-mile ($.90).

Q: Is there any way to track the location of my vehicle?
A: Unfortunately there is no ability for us to track your vehicle. We do not have GPS locators for your vehicle, however, if absolutely necessary, we may be able to track down the company that transports your vehicle.

Q: Which company is transporting my vehicle?
A: We use a number of both local and national transportation services, and each of them have their own route and schedules.

Q: Where do I go to pick-up/drop off my vehicle?
A: You’re able to drop your vehicle off with us! It’s as simple as that: Leave your keys with us and we’ll handle everything from there. If you’re picking up a vehicle, we will let you know once its reached the lot. After we do a preliminary inspection and from there.

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Step 1 - Calculate The Distance From Us To You

We only ship nationwide, so please enter your city and state. Ex. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Step 2 - Calculate The Cost

Now, take your calculated distance and multiply it times the cost-per-mile .