Our Acquisition and Reconditioning Process


Each of our vehicles is meticulously researched and priced according to the market values. Let us explain, in a few short steps, our process in how we acquire and service vehicles for our deserving customers.

Step 1 - Inventory Research

We diligently research every single vehicle that enters into our lot. We apply rigorous standards so that we can provide you quality vehicles at an affordable price.

Step 2 - Purchasing & Acquisition

After doing our due-diligence, research and deliberation, we acquire our desired vehicle. Purchasing a worthy vehicle for our valued customers and potential clients is always exhilarating!

Step 3 - Transportation

After we’ve effectively done our research, and are satisfied with our decision, the next step is to retrieve the vehicle! We use a wide variety of professional transporters, both locally as well as nationally.

Step 4 - Multi-Point Inspection

Now is where the fun happens. We challenge our own research by sending our vehicles to our auto-repair and auto-detailing technicians to conduct a multi-point inspection. We perform the recommended maintenances and/or mechanical reconditioning necessary for the vehicle to meet our standards. We complete the mechanical portion of our process with a road test and emissions test in order to ensure quality control. Finally, we address any cosmetic reconditioning necessary to ensure the next owner can be proud of their new vehicle.

Step 5 - Photos & Merchandising

Now the vehicle is ready to be displayed to the world. We take quality photos so that prospective clients are able to visualize themselves in their potentially new vehicle! The vehicle is also now ready for remote viewing by our clients via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

Step 6 - Vehicle Sales

We truly do pride ourselves on seeing our clients happy. Follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find out how much! After everything is said and done, we like to offer every single one of our clients a 3-month warranty, because our job doesn’t end when the deal does!

Did you know that you could schedule an auto-repair and auto-detailing session with our technicians after you’ve become a customer?

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